OG 04-199

HPA number
HPA 04-326

3251 Q Street, NW
United States

Alterations to front and rear porches, stoop, railing and curb-cut
Review Type


Recommend AGAINST issuance of permit for proposed alterations to front porch, repair of rear porch, and installation of new front stoop railing, fences and new curb-cut. Submitted materials are not sufficient for permit or concept review. A curb-cut in this location will NOT be approved. Note is made that applicant failed to attend the public meeting in which the project was reviewed. Under the Old Georgetown Act (Public Law 808-81st Congress - H.R. 7670, DC Code 5-801, 64 Stat. 903) the Commission requests applicant be made to carefully remove new paint over previously unpainted Flemish bond brick building which was applied between 24 June and 27 June 2004, adversely affects the historic character of the building and the historic district. Painting the natural brick would NOT have been approved. File new complete submission of working drawings with permit application for review by the Commission when ready. View the Commission's web-page at www.cfa.gov for additional information on submission requirements. Note is made that project is subject to final zoning review which should be resolved prior to re-submission.