OG 04-206

HPA number
HPA 04-336

1218 31st Street, NW
United States

Ultra Violet Flowers
Awning, replacement door, stoop, gutters,alterations and paint brick walls
Review Type


No objection to issuance of permit for proposed alterations, including replacement front door, new corner guards, gutters and brownstone stoop as shown in supplemental drawings received and dated 7 July 2004. Recommend AGAINST replacement of wood lintels, replacement windows, or painting exposed brick walls which would have an adverse impact on the character of this historic building and the district. Existing windows and lintels must be repaired with use of replacement jamb liners. No objection to concept of a fabric awning aligning with edges of door and window openings and with 9-inch high letters on valance reading 'Ultra Violet Flowers'. Awning has been deleted from this application. File new submission of working drawings, including dimensions, sign details and installation details, for awning and sign with permit application for review by the Commission when ready.