OG 04-231

HPA number
HPA 04-358

3040 Dumbarton Street, NW
United States

Carriage house
Reconstruction of carriage house
Review Type
Permit - revision to permit


No objection to issuance of permit for proposed reconstruction of carriage house which was partially demolished during progress of repair work approved under previous review (see case OG 04-13). Reconstruction will match original details using replacement brick matching dimensions and texture of original bricks. Commission understands additional demolition may be necessary to restore central pier to plumb alignment, ONLY after other means are not successful. All remaining brick must be salvaged and re-used. Commission regrets that demolition extending beyond the scope of previous permit was undertaken without prior consultation with the Old Georgetown Board. Note is made that permit application is pending final zoning review. Any modifications to the approved design as a result of further review in the permit process must be submitted to the Commission for approval.