OG 04-288

HPA number
HPA 04-475

1417 28th Street, NW
United States

Replacement storefront bay windows, lower threshold of basement doors, and new revisions to approved design
Review Type
Permit - revision to permit


Recommend AGAINST issuance of permit for proposed revision to permit to re-construct window bays using insulated glass. Existing historic storefront windows must be repaired and retained, which was a condition upon which approval of third floor addition and alterations was granted. See previous Recommendation (OG 04-101). No objection to issuance of permit for revisions to lower threshold of basement doors, to retain bricked-in openings, for new configuration of rear yard, for new brick garden wall with painted sliding wood gate behind, and for new paneled doors as shown in supplemental drawings received and dated 4 November 2004. Note is made that submitted drawings for storefront bays are inaccurate in their depiction of existing configuration.