OG 04-31


901 30th Street, NW
United States

D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
Harbourside Development
New mixed-use building
Review Type
Revised concept for north building and landscape concept
Previous Review


Dear Mr. Novak:

The Commission appreciated the opportunity to meet with you, the National Park Service, your architect, Arthur Cotton Moore, and Roger Courtenay, of EDAW Landscape Architects, at their meeting 18 December 2003 to review the Harborside Project at 901 30th Street, NW (OG 04-31). As you know, there was not a quorum at the meeting. As such, their recommendations will be forwarded to the full Commission for confirmation at the January 15, 2004 meeting.

The concept design for the landscape plan was well received and approved. It is an accomplishment to have all the various parties in agreement over the design approach. We understand the difficulties in implementing the conceptual landscape design previously shown as part of the House of Sweden. Maintaining the open lawn in front of the building will give it the visibility from the waterfront that it merits. The members were pleased with the park development on the north and east sides of the site that will eventually be part of the connection between the Waterfront Park and the Kennedy Center. We encourage the Corps of Engineers to cooperate as necessary in providing an appropriate setting for the walk along the Rock Creek.

The change to the lower level window on the north side of the House of Sweden is minor, and does not change the character of the approved concept design. The North Building had received an approval of the general concept design at the meeting in April. The alternative Option B, with its expression of the structure on the 30th Street facade, is dynamic and promising. This new approach was well received by both the Commission and its Old Georgetown Board. Its success will depend on careful detailing. Further development should be submitted directly to the Commission for its sole review.

As always, the staff is available to assist you as you develop one of these options into working drawings.

Charles H. Atherton

Alan Novak
Lano International
3050 K Street, Suite 201
Washington, DC 20007

cc: Arthur Cotton Moore
Peter Ohstedt, Swedish National Property Board
Gert Wingardh, Wingardh Architects
Roger Courtenay, EDAW
John Parsons, NPS