OG 05-052

HPA number
HPA 05-088

3146 M Street, NW
United States

Facade illumination, new doors and three signs - pin mounted over door, back-lit mounted above second floor windows, and internally-illuminated projecting sign
Review Type


Recommend AGAINST issuance of permit for signs, projecting sign and up-lighting of facade as proposed which are out-of-character with the historic district and inappropriate for this historic building. Recommend further study of a pin-mounted sign limited to existing sign band within cornice below second floor windows with three light fixtures; and a 5-inch high sign above entry door. No objection to new glass doors or removal of existing paired-spot lights. File new submission of working drawings, including dimensions and details for new sign with permit application for review by the Commission when ready. Note is made that permit application is pending final Zoning review which must be resolved prior to new submission.