OG 05-158

HPA number
HPA 05-259

3206 N Street, NW
United States

Prospect Place – Neyla Restaurant
Two-story rear addition within court
Review Type
Concept - revised design


No objection to revised concept design for two-story in-fill addition at rear courtyard as shown in supplemental drawings received and dated 22 April 2005. In-fill addition will replace previously approved addition currently under construction. Commission notes that work has been completed without review and permit, or not-conforming to approved design, and requests that these items be corrected and brought into compliance as agreed to by applicant in letter dated 3 April 2003, and be completed prior to filing new submission for permit review of this project and any new proposed work. Of particular interest are the awnings, side canvas panels and lighting added to the trellis, the existing lights posts that were to be removed as part of the approval of the trellis construction, and additional signs and awnings installed without a permit, particularly the over-sized banner hanging on party wall.