OG 05-308

HPA number
HPA 05-520

3288 N Street, NW
United States

Alterations for replacement retaining wall on areaway to basement entrance on public space
Review Type
Permit and Public Space Permit


Recommend AGAINST issuance of permit for alterations to areaway for basement entrance, including widening of steps and replacement of retaining wall and railing, which, as proposed, are not appropriate at this location. Submitted materials are insufficient for permit review. Applicant failed to attend the meetings where this project was discussed. Recommend further study of reconstruction of areaway wall in its present location, without projecting above sidewalk level except for a curb to match existing stone curb, and retaining existing steps and historic railing. File new submission of working drawings, including details and dimensions for wall, with permit and public space permit applications for review by the Commission when ready.