OG 06-118

HPA number
HPA 06-200

3513 N Street, NW
United States

Holy Trinity School – Upper and Lower Schools
Alterations to site on 36th Street: fences, walkways, relocation of stairs and replacement door to school, landscaping, granite paving at church portico, replacement handicapped access ramp in concrete
Review Type


No objection to issuance of permit for proposed alterations at the Holy Trinity Church 36th St terraces, including 36-inch high wrought iron fences, handicapped access ramp, new steps and door to lower school building, granite paving slabs within entrance to church, new walkways, benches, dry stone walls and landscaping as shown in supplemental drawings received and dated 24 March 2006. Note is made that permit application is pending final zoning review. Any modifications to the approved design as a result of further review in the permit process must be submitted to the Commission for approval.