OG 06-123

HPA number
HPA 06-205

3100 Dumbarton Street, NW
United States

Philip Berry House
Enclosure of three–story rear porch, alterations for addition of underground garage – options
Review Type
Concept – revised design


Recommend AGAINST concept design for proposed underground garage and for proposed enclosure of two-story open porch. The recently constructed porch was approved in 2005 (case OG 05-097) as an open porch appropriate to this contributing historic 1887 house based on the scale and detailing of other historic open porches in Georgetown. If the porch had been proposed as an enclosed porch in 2005, as in the current concept design, it would not have been approved and other solutions sought. The Board objects to the underground garage because of the very high probability of damage to the Berry House and adjacent historic structures, the loss of historic landscape materials, and alterations of the character of the historically open space, a very important feature of the character of the historic district.