OG 08-011

HPA number
HPA 08-094

Georgetown Park (shopping mall)
3270 M Street, NW (Square 1200, Lot 67)
United States

D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
Georgetown Park (shopping mall)
Alterations and additions for a mixed-use residential/retail building
Review Type
Revised concept
Previous Review


Dear Mr. Miller:

In its meeting of 22 January, the Commission of Fine Arts reviewed the revised concept application for the redevelopment of Georgetown Park, Phase 2, the western portion of the shopping mall located at 3270 M Street, NW (case number OG 08-11). The Commission approved the general concept design with the exception of the treatment of the project along M Street.

The Commission members acknowledged the improvement to the general design—particularly the upper portion of the building and the canal facade—resulting from adjustments to the massing, modifications to the fenestration patterns, and the introduction of more masonry. However, they expressed concern that the changes have resulted in a proliferation of window types and they suggested that this variety should be studied and simplified.

The Commission members reiterated their concern, as noted in their previous review of the project in October 2008, that the considerable frontage on M Street necessitates further revision of the massing and scale in order to establish a design which is more compatible with the rhythm established by the historic buildings along this street. The Commission members noted that the M Street elevation has not been revised to address their comments—as had the rest of the project—and emphasized in particular their dissatisfaction with the articulation of the glazed corner adjacent to the one-story historic market building. They requested the submission of design alternatives for the M Street frontage and also anticipate further information about the treatment of the service entrance at the historic alley.

The Commission looks forward to a revised concept submission that includes sufficient information for review, including fully documented and dimensioned elevations, a clarification of window types, and presentation of building skin types and materials.


/s/Thomas E. Luebke, AIA

Herbert Miller, Chairman and CEO
Western Development Corporation
3255 Grace Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

cc: Peter May, National Park Service
Shalom Baranes, Shalom Baranes Associates