OG 08-135

HPA number
HPA 08-218

3045 N Street, NW
United States

Multi-family residence
Replace windows, enlarge areaway, raising roofs, skylights, HVAC--in-progress
Review Type


The Commission regrets that work was initiated prior to review or permit. No objection to concept design for proposed alterations, window replacements, new window openings, excavation of areaway at rear, and repair of brick garden walls as shown in supplemental drawings dated 27 May and 5 June 2008 which indicate new window on west facade deleted, and no vents or alterations to the front facade. Recommend smaller window openings on historic rear wall, three windows without raised panels on east facade to retain character of enclosed porch, and that louvers to screen roof mechanical units be reversed. Review of proposed replacement of windows on west facade is pending further documentation of existing conditions. File new submission of working drawings, including details and dimensions, product information and cut-sheets, with permit before 14 August 2008 deadline for review at the Old Georgetown Board meeting of 4 September 2008.