OG 11-060

HPA number
HPA 11-088

1072 30th Street, NW
United States

Replacement windows after fire damage
Review Type


The Commission regrets that the replacement windows were installed prior to completion of review process or permit. No objection to issuance of permit for proposed replacement of casement wood windows at rear and for single-hung wood window at dormer to match dimension, configuration, details and profile of windows on adjoining property. Supplemental information dated 15 June 2011 indicates windows will be single-glazed wood windows with 7/8" true-divided-lites custom made and sized to fit opening. Use half-screens ONLY. Note: as installed with brickmould as casing, the dormer window does not conform to approved design and must be corrected no later than 31 August 2011. All other existing doors and windows will be repaired. Note: Any subsequent modifications to the exterior design made during DCRA technical review must be re-submitted to the Commission for approval prior to issuance of permit.