OG 11-239

HPA number
HPA 11-392

1644 31st Street, NW
United States

Tudor Place
Master Preservation Plan
Review Type


The Old Georgetown Board offered the following comments regarding four building areas suggested in the July 2011 Tudor Place Master Preservation Plan for the landmark site and the adjacent property to the north. A small gatehouse could be located at the sidewalk, on either side of the driveway at 31st Street. An addition(s) to the historic garage could be considered to the south of the historic building or to the east of its 1967 addition. The proposed addition to the tool house raised several concerns based on its awkward footprint and the impact on the surrounding vegetation. The property to the north with the administration building could be developed with a new building; demolition of the late–20th–century garage is reasonable as it is not a contributing structure. The new construction at the north property should accentuate a sense of place and the historic north–south axis of the formal garden. File new submissions of concept designs for the specific projects for review by the Old Georgetown Board when ready.