OG 12-347

HPA number
HPA 12-581

1300 30th Street, NW
United States

Review Type


The Commission regrets that brick retaining walls, metal railing, stylistically incompatible lights, copper dormer roofs, a metal flue, and shutters were added to this historic residence and site prior to review or permit. No objection to issuance of permit for new wood operable panel shutters, sized to match openings, per drawings dated 21 September 2012, PROVIDED that shutter widths establish 1"-2" of exposed brick between existing historic shutter at adjacent residence and new shutters and PROVIDED that new drawings and application for existing retaining walls, railings, lights, dormer roofs, and metal flue is filed at DCRA for review by the Commission no later than the 15 November 2012 deadline. Any subsequent modifications to the design made during DCRA Public Space or Technical Review must be resubmitted to the Commission for approval prior to issuance of permit.