OG 13-027

HPA number
HPA 13-047

1201 28th Street, NW
United States

Sign scheme for 'DAS Ethiopian Restaurant' - existing
Review Type


The Commission regrets that the sign, awning and projecting banners were installed prior to review or permit. Recommend AGAINST issuance of permit for existing sign scheme which is not appropriate to the character of the building or the historic district. The oversized sign on the M Street facade and the two projecting banners were not approved and must be removed no later than 30 April 2013. Existing exposed electrical conduits and light fixtures must be removed at the same time. File new submission of revised sign scheme, including the awning with lettering on 28th Street, and a sign no taller than 12 inches high reading 'DAS' mounted to wall facing M Street and lowered below sills of second floor windows, with permit application no later than the deadline of 14 February 2013 for review by the Commission.