OG 13-228

HPA number
HPA 13-400

3277 M Street, NW
United States

Sign scheme for 'Capitol Prague Restaurant'
Review Type


Recommend against issuance of permit for three proposed banners with lettering reading 'Capitol Prague Restaurant. Recommend a flat wall-mounted sign above entrance. Similar proposals for banners on this building were not approved (see previous recommendations for cases OG 13-177, OG 10-252 and OG 09-252). All other existing banners on this building were installed prior to review or permit and must be removed. Existing poles, light fixtures and exposed conduits must be removed no later than 31 October 2013. Note that applicant did not attend the meeting in which this project was reviewed. File new submission at DCRA with shop drawings for a wall-mounted flat sign, including details, dimensions, materials and installation method, with permit application for review by the Commission.