OG 14-217

HPA number
HPA 14-422

3332 O Street, NW
United States

Replace wood fences and gates with metal fences and gates
Review Type


Recommend against issuance of permit for the replacement of wood fences with metal fences on front yard which does not conform to recommendations given during concept review, including: installation of solid wood fence and gates at side yards to replace existing; and removal of flagpole and plaque which were installed prior to review or permit and are not appropriate in front yard of historic house. (See OG 14-171). Recommend that flagpole and plaque be removed no later than 31 August 2014. File new submission at DCRA of detailed and dimensioned drawings with permit application for all components of the proposed alterations to the front yard, including replacement fences and removal of flagpole and plaque, for review by the Commission.