OG 15-154

HPA number
HPA 15-276

3107 Dumbarton Street, NW
Washington, DC
United States

Raise roof, rear addition, new/replacement windows, new front entrance, remove balustrade, elastomeric coating, new garden wall, site paving - Existing alterations without review
Review Type
Previous Review


The Commission regrets the numerous exterior alterations done without permit to this free-standing residence built in 1898, a contributing historic structure in the Old Georgetown historic district.  The Commission supports the concept design as documented in OG 14-058 but requires permit review for approval.  The following proposed/existing alterations are NOT APPROVED as they were not found to be appropriate to the character of the original property and the historic district:

  • Construction of new two-story rear addition to replace existing rear porch; proposed design is taller than and inconsistent in fenestration and detailing with concept recommendation under OG 14-058;
  • Removal of three windows at the north elevation and their replacement with four doors contrary to concept recommendation under OG 14-058;
  • Roof addition with raised roof and raised parapet walls contrary to concept review under OG 14-058;
  • Removal of four brick chimneys contrary to concept recommendation under OG 14-058; 
  • Removal of historic metal balustrade along the ridge;
  • Installation of new roofing material with exposed spray foam insulation at dormers;
  • Removing the original front entrance door within a segmental-arch opening with fanlight and sidelights and replaced with a round-arch opening and a pair of stylistically incompatible doors, and altering a pilaster;
  • Replacement of all historic wood multi-light single-glazed double-hung and casement windows with new multi-light double-glazed insert windows with applied muntins;  
  • Insertion of new window openings on the east and west elevations cut into existing masonry walls including windows out of scale, type, spacing, and character with the historic architecture;  
  • Removal of wood shutters on front elevation;
  • Installation of insulation-board trim around window openings;
  • Application of thick elastomeric coating on all exterior brick walls of house;
  • Installation of electrical wiring, fixtures and/or conduit drilled through original exterior brick walls on at least four sides of house;
  • Installation of a metal gate at the front stair that is stylistically incompatible with the historic metal fence;
  • Construction of new concrete-block wall at east end of rear yard with application of thick elastomeric coating on the new wall and on two existing brick garden walls; and
  • Installation of impervious pavement across entire rear yard.

The Commission recommends that all new exterior alterations be removed and the conditions and elements of the historic exterior restored to the extent possible following documentation to be provided in professional quality drawings.  The existing deteriorated front yard garage is not compatible with the character of the contributing residence or the historic district.  The Commission recommends brick infill at the garage doors, removing one foot from the parapet, reinstalling the historic metal railing, removing the curb cut, and establishing a new quarter-round curb and planting bed in the adjacent public space.