SL 05-032


400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
United States

D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
Building modifications for new CVS Drug Store
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Previous Review


AGENDA ITEM EXHIBIT:  No objection to the issuance of permit for proposed renovation as shown in supplemental drawings received and dated 9 March 2005.  All new exterior materials and details for the in-fill of doors must match existing condition.  All new doors and windows must match current design in physical appearance.  Windows should allow visual access to the interior of the store.  Window display areas should incorporate merchandise to the extent possible, rather than the obstruction of storefront windows with photographs.  Any proposed exterior signs, awnings or canopies (including any signs affixed to or within 18 inches of glass) must also be submitted for review under separate permit.  Proposed advertising should be restricted to the name of the business only and not include services rendered.  File sign submission for review by the Commission when ready.