SL 05-048

United States

D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
Public art
15 locations in public space within the jurisdictions of the Shipstead-Luce and Old Georgetown Acts and other areas of the city. Temporary installation of Piggybank-shaped sculptures. Capital One Financial Corporation
Review Type


Dear Ms. Don:

During its meeting of 21 April 2005, the Commission reviewed the proposed temporary installation of piggybank-shaped sculptures (SL 05-048) to be placed in public space at various locations throughout the city. Although the school program associated with the sculptures appears to be beneficial to middle school students, the Commission finds no educational or artistic value in this type of sculpture in the public realm. The proposed locations are inappropriate because they are disconnected from places typically occupied by children and are not geographically diverse. A more appropriate location might be on the grounds of participating schools or within buildings frequented by children. Therefore, the Commission strongly recommends against the installation of the proposed sculptures throughout the Nation’s Capital.

The Commission encourages the applicant to continue education programs within the public schools and would support a program which offered children a better opportunity to learn more about public art and architecture throughout the city.


/s/Thomas Luebke, AIA

Diana Don
Capital One Financial Corporation
1680 Capital One Drive
McLean, VA 22102

cc: Andrew Becker, GolinHarris
2200 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite 1100
Arlington, VA 22201