SL 13-017

HPA number
HPA 13-042

2323 Porter Street, NW
United States

Greystone Enclave (Pine Crest Manor)
Renovation and addition
Review Type
Revised concept
Previous Review


No objection to the revised concept for the renovation of and addition to a house listed as an individual landmark on the DC Inventory of Historic Sites, as shown in materials received and dated 9 November 2012. Recommend further consultation with CFA and HPO staff prior to the submission of permit drawings. In particular, staff recommends the simplification of the half-timbered detailing of the two large proposed gables, the simplification of the detailing of the proposed round breakfast room, and the reduction in visual impact of the proposed large patio and retaining wall. Request delegation to staff for permit review. Refer to DC Historic Preservation Office. Note: This is a concept review only. When ready, submit permit drawings and a permit application to DCRA for review, by the Commission.