SL 14-023

HPA number

600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
United States

Watergate Office Building
Exterior lounge area and landscape modifications
Review Type
Previous Review


No objection to the concept for modifications to the site of the Watergate to accommodate exterior dining for Ancora Restaurant, including a roofed bar structure, a fire pit, a bocce court, and modifications to the paved and planted surfaces of the terrace, as shown in materials received and dated 8 November 2013. Submission conforms with the Commission's previous advice for a simpler and more integrated design within this monumental modernist context. Recommend that the applicant consult with CFA and DC Historic Preservation Office staff in the development of the design prior to the submission of a permit application. Refer to DC Historic Preservation Office. Note: This is a concept approval only. When ready, submit the permit drawings and a permit application to DCRA for review by the Commission.