SL 14-107


3910 Shoemaker Street, NW
United States

Hungarian Chancery
New chancery building
Review Type


No objection to the concept for a new chancery building, as shown in materials received and dated 2 May 2014, provided that the height be reduced to more closely approximate the previously approved height. The submission largely conforms with the previously approved concept, with some revisions: the addition of approximately 30 feet of fence and one pedestrian gate to the previously proposed fence; the addition of a temporary chiller and enclosure wall adjacent to the proposed new building; the addition of one window at a side entrance; and an increase of 2'–8" in the height of the building. Recommend that proposed Option 1 be developed for the orientation of the chiller and enclosure wall. Note: This is a concept approval only. When ready, submit the permit drawings and a permit application to DCRA for review by the Commission.