SL 21-028


5315 16th Street, NW
United States

Single-family residence
New deck and patio
Review Type


No objection to the issuance of a permit for the construction of a new deck, steps, patio, and retaining wall at the rear of an existing house, as shown in materials received and dated 6 November 2020 and supplemental materials received and dated 18 November 2020 and 1 December 2020, PROVIDED that a licensed arborist prepare a tree protection plan for adjacent existing White Oak (classified as a Special Tree) prior to the demolition of the existing retaining wall and patio, PROVIDED that the arborist also conduct an inspection of the critical root zone of the tree after demolition and modify the tree protection plan accordingly, and pending the receipt of supplemental materials. Note: Any subsequent modifications to the approved design, including those made during DCRA technical review, must be resubmitted to the Commission for approval.