CFA Meeting — 27 July 2006

10:00 A.M. CONVENE, Suite 312, 401 F Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001-2728


Approval of minutes:
15 June 2006

Dates of next meetings:
21 September 2006
19 October 2006
16 November 2006

Proposed year 2007 schedule of meetings and submission deadlines for the Commission and the Old Georgetown Board.

Report on the position announcements for hiring a new staff member. See: Job Announcements: Architect, CFA-TL-06-MM114995 and Historian, CFA-TL-06-MM114999 on

Confirmation of recommendations on the revised designs for the five-dollar gold and one dollar silver coins of the 2006 San Francisco Old Mint Commemorative Coin Program.

Adoption of proposed design guidelines for the proposed Vietnam Veterans Memorial Visitor Center.


Freer Gallery of Art, Objects proposed for acquisition.