John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Dear Ms. Donlon:

During its site inspection on the night of 17 September 2003, the Commission approved the final exterior light scheme for the Kennedy Center. The members found the whiter color of the light on the walls to be more uniform and much improved over the illumination provided by the original (and difficult to maintain) fixtures set in the floor of the terraces. The highlighting on the columns was also thought to be well balanced against the light on the walls. In addition, the members found the scheme for the "after-hours" illumination, with only the columns lit, to be particularly pleasing and appropriate for when the house is dark.

With the Commission's public meeting on the 18th canceled due to the anticipated arrival of Hurricane Isabel, the members were not able to report on and confirm their approval of the lighting scheme. However, so as not to delay the project, the Commission encourages the Center to proceed with the installation of the new lights. We will formally confirm the approval during our next public meeting in October.


/s/ David M. Childs, FAIA

Ms. Claudette Donlon
Senior Vice President
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Washington, DC 20566-0001

cc: William R. Taylor, Kennedy Center
Ray Grenald, AIA