National Mall Kiosks

Dear Mr. Carlstrom:

Before its meeting of 18 November 2004, the Commission inspected the color mockups on the food service kiosk across the street from the south entrance of the National Museum of American History. The members found the four test schemes on the structure to be very helpful in determining their recommendation, but did not feel that any of the schemes on the building were the best of combinations or applications of the chosen colors. However, they did recommend a scheme, similar to the mockup on the right hand side of the structure’s west elevation, in which the widow sashes, louvers and trim would all be painted the same dark green and that the stucco panels should be painted a darker sand or gray-green color than what is currently on the building. The soffit would stay the same glossy white and the lettering above the windows should be repainted a lighter color to contrast the dark green trim. In addition, the members also commented on the need to rethink the graphics of the food service signs and menu boards that are seen through the windows. These items could use improvement to reduce the cluttered look of the facilities’ interior, to increase their readability, and to create a more tasteful overall appearance for the kiosk. 

Before all the kiosks are repainted, one side of one structure should be painted with the recommended scheme for a final check. Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, the 25th of January 2005, with a submission deadline on the 6th of January. Please inform our staff when the mockup is in place and we will coordinate another visit to the Mall with your staff. 


/s/Frederick J. Lindstrom
Acting Secretary

Mr. Terry R. Carlstrom
Regional Director
National Capital Region
National Park Service
1100 Ohio Drive, SW
Washington, DC 20242

cc: John G. Parsons, NPS
Mary Oehrlein, FAIA