Site Inspection

Dear General Kelley:

During its meeting of 19 June, the Commission received a report from its staff on the site visit by former Chairman Harry G. Robinson III, to Ray Kaskey's studio after its meeting on 15 May, to inspect the second set of six bas-relief panels for the National World War II Memorial. While none of the current members were present at Mr. Kaskey's studio at that time, the staff circulated photographs that were taken of the panels displayed. After reviewing the images, the members were very pleased with Mr. Kaskey's efforts and confirmed the Commission's approval of these panels.

The Commission looks forward to the review of the next set of bas-relief panels. The staff is available to coordinate a site visit as soon as they are ready.


/s/ David M. Childs, FAIA

General Paul X. Kelley, USMC (Ret.)
Chairman, American Battle Monuments Commission
Courhouse Plaza II, Suite 501
2300 Clarendon Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201

cc: Ray Kaskey
General John Herrling, ABMC
William B. Owenby, ABMC
Terry Carlstrom, National Park Service
John Parsons, National Park Service