Shutdown Plan

• The Anti-Deficiency Act, 31 U. S. C. 1341 and 1342, severely restricts the conduct of business by agencies during a lapse of appropriations.

• The U.S. Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) contacts for shutdown planning and coordination are: Frederick J. Lindstrom, Assistant Secretary, who can be reached at (202) 504-2200 or and Trenice Hall, Administrative Officer, who can be reached at (202) 504-2200 or

• As of 1 December 2017, there will be 12 CFA full-time employees on-board prior to implementation of the shutdown plan. Upon announcement of a shutdown, the Secretary and/or the Assistant Secretary will ensure that a memorandum to all CFA employees is released providing updated OPM guidance on furloughs, benefits, and other relevant information. Also, in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation 42.1303, stop-work orders will be issued to CFA contractors by the assigned contracting officer.

• Once appropriations have lapsed, all normal operations will cease and all further efforts will be devoted solely to closing down operations, protecting government property, and notification of employees on leave, in travel status or at temporary duty stations.

• The shutdown will encompass all of CFA’s activities.

• The CFA’s activities are classified as non-excepted activities.

• In cases of shutdown, questions frequently arise concerning the leave status of employees who have been granted approved leave prior to the furlough. Annual, sick, court or military leave which has been approved for this furlough period is cancelled. The OPM may issue supplemental guidance on leave status as required by individual shutdown situations.

• Generally, employees on leave will be notified by their respective immediate supervisor as to the shutdown procedures and status of prior approved leave.

• Employees in travel status or at temporary duty stations will be notified to discontinue with their off-site business and to return home in adequate time as to not violate the Anti-Deficiency Act.

• CFA will coordinate with the National Business Center-DOI, the Bureau of Public Debt Administrative Resource Center (BPD ARC), General Services Administration, and the personnel office of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement to assist and ensure that the handling of budget matters related to the lapse in appropriations, the processing of critical personnel, payroll actions, employee notifications, acquisition issues, and all other administrative support issues are completed during the shutdown period and are not resumed until Government activates are restored.

• On the first business day of the shutdown, select key staff (the Secretary and/or Assistant Secretary, Administrative Officer, and Information Officer) will be instructed to report to duty to proceed with shut down operations within 3 to 4 hours to ensure an orderly shutdown of operations and to secure CFA’s assets. Public notices of the suspension of agency operations will be posted on the agency website, and on the office telephone and email systems.

• On the first business day of the shutdown, the CFA staff will be notified of the furlough by telephone, email, and/or by written notice, and the CFA Commissioners will be notified of the shutdown and the suspension of operations by telephone or email.

• If the shutdown occurs within the week before a scheduled public meeting for the review of submissions, individual applicants and government agency liaisons will be contacted by email or by telephone to be notified of the shutdown and the suspension of operations.

• During a shutdown period employees are not to use Government issued Blackberries, cellular telephones, or other electronic communication devices to conduct official business.

• At the time the shutdown is initiated, employees will be advised to listen to media reports, i.e., TV or radio, to receive information that the furlough has ended and when they are expected to return to work. In addition, employees may access information daily on the established OPM Hotline and website.

Plan updated 4 December 2017