Prepare to Submit

Decide if the project submission is for concept or final review and prepare the necessary drawings and other materials to submit the proposed project.

  • Concept review provides an opportunity for the applicants to know what is acceptable at an early stage of design, but a concept acceptance does not constitute the required CFA review of the final submission. See submission requirements for concept review.
  • The final review of a project should occur at a point where no significant design changes from the concept review are anticipated; the final review constitutes the official review of the project. See submission requirements for final review.

Submissions may be made to the Commission of Fine Arts online or through the standard method (U.S. Mail, any other courier service, or in-person delivery).

Regardless of submission method, a complete submission includes, at minimum:

  • a letter from the authorized agency representative requesting CFA review.
  • a digital copy of the project booklet.
  • 10 physical copies of the project booklet delivered to the CFA’s offices no later than the submission deadline for each meeting.