CFA 15/SEP/22-6


Washington, DC
United States

U.S. Mint
Congressional Gold Medal to honor "Rosie the Riveter"
Design for a gold medal
Review Type


Dear Ms. Gibson:

In its public meeting of 15 September conducted by videoconference, the Commission of Fine Arts reviewed alternative designs for a Congressional Gold Medal honoring Rosie the Riveter, the character of popular culture representing the many American women who joined the workforce during World War II. The Commission provided the following recommendations and comments.

For the obverse, the Commission members recommended alternative O-01A, featuring profile portraits of five women; they cited the beautiful and well- rendered portraits in this composition. They requested revising the detailing of the hair of the Black woman, questioning the depiction of both a hairnet and kerchief. For the reverse, they recommended alternative R-01, consistent with the preference of the Mint’s liaison organizations. They suggested replacing the text “Act of Congress 2020” on this reverse alternative with the phrase "Rosie the Riveter,” which could be removed from the recommended obverse to avoid crowding the design. They observed that this pairing would balance the emphasis on the women themselves and their collective role in the war effort.

As always, the staff is available to assist you with future submissions.

/s/Thomas E. Luebke, FAIA

Ventris C. Gibson, Director
United States Mint
801 9th Street, NW, 8th Floor
Washington, DC 20220