CFA 15/FEB/18-b


400 block of E Street, NW
Washington, DC
United States

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
National Law Enforcement Museum
Modifications to the E Street curb line to the east and west of the museum
Review Type


No objection to the proposed modifications to the southern curb line of the 400 block of E Street, NW, adjacent to the east and west sides of of the National Law Enforcement Museum street frontage, as shown in materials received and dated 1 February 2018. These modifications to the previously approved street configuration (see case numbers CFA 21/JUN/07-4 and CFA 17/JAN/13-2) will be in place until the District of Columbia Courts and the U.S. Court of Military Appeals extend their portions of the southern E Street curb line as shown in the approved Judiciary Square Master Plan. Refer to DC Historic Preservation Office.