CFA 16/FEB/17-2


West Potomac Park
Washington, DC
United States

National Park Service
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Replacement commemorative "In Memory" plaque
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Previous Review


Dear Mr. Vogel:

In its meeting of 16 February, the Commission of Fine Arts reviewed the concept proposal to replace the existing In Memory plaque at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial with a cast bronze tablet mounted on a low stone base to improve its visibility and address maintenance concerns. In lieu of supporting the preferred alternative, the Commission approved the design of alternative #2 as illustrated in the presented photograph of mockups, expressing a preference for the stone base’s slight angle as more consistent with the modernist aesthetic of the memorial and providing better legibility for visitors viewing the plaque. The Commission concluded that this alternative would result in the most dignified recognition of the veterans’ service and would best accomplish the project’s objectives.

The Commission delegated further review to the staff, which is available to assist you as the design is developed.


/s/Thomas E. Luebke, FAIA

Robert Vogel, Regional Director
National Park Service, National Capital Region
1100 Ohio Drive, SW
Washington, DC 20242

cc: James Cummings, AIA