CFA 21/SEP/04-2


National Law Enforcement Museum
E Street between Court Buildings E and C, and north of Old City Hall, Judiciary Square (Federal Reservation #7)
United States

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
National Law Enforcement Museum
Informational report
Review Type
Revised Concept
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Dear Mr. Floyd:

During its meeting of 21 September 2004, the Commission reviewed the revised concept for the design of the National Law Enforcement Museum in Judiciary Square. The members expressed several concerns and questions regarding the scheme and postponed their action on the submission until these issues could be resolved. While they found the design of the museum’s two entrance pavilions to be much improved, they did make several specific requests to address other concerns.

First, they asked that all perimeter access control and security barriers be rendered on the site plans. These features will undoubtably impact the plaza and site’s landscape design. Second, the questions regarding the access of emergency vehicles to and through the site should be resolved. The space requirements for emergency vehicle access, as well as other vehicles, should be clearly delineated. Third, alternatives to the steps at the northern edge of the plaza should be explored with the goal of providing the public the most direct unencumbered universal access to the entrances of both the museum and courthouse. A careful study of the grading on the plaza to provide a gentle, but uniform, slope from the steps of the courthouse pavilion to the sidewalk will be required. Fourth, the design of the skylights and planters in the plaza should be reconsidered so that the museum will not have to rely on translucent pavers in the center of the plaza to provide daylight to the spaces below. Lastly, and perhaps most important, the members requested that your design team meet with the courts’ design team to continue efforts to fully coordinate the two projects and resolve the above-mentioned design issues.

The members look forward to the continuation of our review of this most important project. Our next meetings dates are 21 October and 18 November, with submission deadlines two weeks prior.

As always, the staff is available to assist you prior to the next submission.


/s/Frederick J. Lindstrom
Acting Secretary

Mr. Craig Floyd, Chairman
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
400 7th Street, NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20004

cc: Chief Judge Annice Wagner, DC Courts
Davis Buckley, Davis Buckley Architects
Hany Hassan, BBB