OG 06-228

HPA number
HPA 06-366

1641 Avon Place, NW
United States

Replacement fence
Review Type
Permit and Public Space Permit


Recommend AGAINST issuance of permit for replacement fence as proposed. In the absence of submission of site plan or plat, recommend that the 6-ft tall vertical board fence be installed at the line of the front wall of the house and not on the front yard in public space. The fence's finished side must face onto public sidewalk and alley, with supports not visible, and must be painted or stained. File new submission of detailed drawings, including site plan, with separate Public Space permit application for a lower fence that conforms to code requirements for fences in front yards on public space. Note is made that permit application is pending final zoning review. Any modifications to the recommended design as a result of further review in the permit process must be submitted to the Commission for approval.