OG 07-187

HPA number
HPA 07-297

1025 31st Street, NW
United States

Arab Information & Resource Center – Zenobia Lounge
Replacement front door, sign scheme, light fixtures, awning
Review Type


No objection to issuance of permit for proposed alterations including replacement of front door with new wood door with glass panel, replacement light fixture to match existing, and two signs to replace existing plaques, as shown in supplemental drawings dated 22 June 2007. Recommend re-covering of existing frame for bull-nose awning with black woven fabric and new sign limited to 12-inch valance. Projecting sign is deleted from this permit application. Existing bracket over first floor windows to be removed. Note: Because the application is pending final zoning review, any subsequent modifications to the approved design must be re-submitted to the Commission for approval.