OG 08-058

HPA number
HPA 08-082

1320 31st Street, NW
United States

Underground garage
Review Type


Due to the lack of visibility from a public thoroughfare, there is no objection to concept design for the proposed underground garage as shown in supplemental drawings dated 11 December 2007 which indicate that there will be no change to the building fabric above grade, including no demolition of existing garage, nor partial demolition of garage's north wall, nor alterations to paving, drive, sidewalk, fences, garden walls, or garage door, PROVIDED existing adjacent mature landscape which contributes to the character of this property and the historic district will be retained undamaged. File new submission of working drawings, including dimensions, details, and landscape plan, with permit application for review by the Commission when ready. Commission notes that additional concerns beyond the purview of this office will be addressed by the appropriate agency of the District Government.