OG 12-099

HPA number
HPA 12-174

2910 M Street, NW
United States

Sign scheme for 'Charm'
Review Type
Permit - revised design


The Commission regrets that sign scheme, including awning and lettering, was installed prior to review or permit. No objection to issuance of permit for proposed sign scheme composed of lettering no taller than 12 inches high reading 'Charm' and a second line of lettering no taller than 4 inches high reading 'Georgetown' as shown in supplemental drawings dated 5 July 2012 PROVIDED no logos are mounted to facade. Proposed logos were not approved and were crossed out from drawings. No objection to retention of existing sign mounted to railing of entry stairs. Recommend AGAINST blade sign as proposed in options on supplemental drawings dated 21 June 2012. Existing awning, which covers architectural features of the facade, is not appropriate to the historic character of the building, was not approved and must be removed no later than 31 October 2012.