OG 15-049

HPA number
HPA 15-077

3700 O Street, NW
United States

Georgetown University - Ryan and Mulledy Halls
Alterations and site work
Review Type
Previous Review


No objection to issuance of permit for proposed alterations to Ryan and Mulledy Halls, including accessible ramps to entrances off Dahlgren Quad, new landscaped courtyard with brick paved permeable walkways around lawn area; brick stairs to Gervase Hall; granite stairs, planters and curbs; landscaped berm sloping to Library Walk; campus standard lampposts and benches; up-lights for trees and for relocated statue; pervious asphalt panels in between brick paved bands on Library Walk; and new metal gates at service area, as shown in supplemental drawings received __ December 2014, provided that stone veneer walls are detailed to appear to be random, and that the typical curb height is continued at the entrance to Ryan Hall from Library Walk. Recommend that alterations to Lot 8 (Phase II), as shown during concept review, be included in scope of work. Note: Any subsequent modifications to the approved design, including those made during DCRA technical review, must be re-submitted to the Commission for approval prior to issuance of permit.