OG 17-192

HPA number
HPA 17-337

3220 Prospect Street, NW
United States

New construction
Review Type
Previous Review


No objection to concept design for new 2-story commercial building as shown in supplemental drawings received 17 April 2017, PROVIDED development of the vocabulary of the facade: the development of the detailing on the easternmost pavilion, including eliminating the cast stone beltcourse, adding detail to the cornice, and a heavier trim around the 2-story storefront; brick cornices on the other pavilions; lowering the height of the parapet on the garage entrance bay; eliminating the second floor light fixtures; and developing the streetscape plan. The sign program was eliminated from the proposed project at this time. File new submission at DCRA of design development drawings, including details, dimensions, and streetscape plan, with concept application for review by the Commission.