SL 18-048

HPA number
HPA 18-157

300 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
United States

Exterior modifications
Review Type


No objection to the issuance of a permit for exterior modifications to an existing bank building, including paving repairs and the installation of a replacement ATM canopy, replacement signs, and replacement light fixtures, as shown in materials received and dated 2 February 2018 and supplemental materials received and dated 27 July 2018, 22 August 2018, 6 September 2018, and 7 September 2018. Review does not include any other exterior work, including modifications or replacements to exterior windows or doors.  Refer to DC Public Space Committee. Refer to DC Historic Preservation Office. Note: Any subsequent modifications to the approved design, including those made during DCRA technical review, must be resubmitted to the Commission for approval.