SL 18-059


500 North Capitol Street, NW
United States

Office building
Cellular antennas
Review Type


No objection to the issuance of a permit for the installation of three new and three replacement radio head antennas and for the relocation of existing panel antennas for Verizon Wireless on the penthouse of an existing building, as shown in materials received and dated 2 February 2018 and supplemental materials received and dated 6 April 2018 and 19 June 2018, PROVIDED that the antennas and supports be painted to match the color of the penthouse wall, PROVIDED that the relocated antennas be mounted no higher than the existing antennas, and PROVIDED that the relocated antennas on the north and east facades be mounted as tight to the penthouse wall and as far from the northeast corner of the penthouse as possible. Note: Any subsequent modifications to the approved design, including those made during DCRA technical review, must be resubmitted to the Commission for approval.