SL 22-151


670 Maine Avenue, SW
United States

Southwest Waterfront development, "District Wharf", Water Building 1
Tenant fit-out, exterior modifications, and signs - Limani
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Previous Review


No objection to the concept for new operable storefront doors and new patio seating and planters at a third floor terrace for a restaurant tenant at an existing building under construction, as shown in materials received and dated 2 September 2022. Recommend AGAINST the concept for a new pergola with operable louvers at the third floor terrace, due to its incompatibility with the design of the building, and for signs on all four facades, as shown in materials received and dated 2 September 2022. Forward a new submission for signs that comply with the regulations for the Shipstead-Luce Act area when ready. Staff notes with regret that the base building permit was issued without referral for CFA review; permit applications at the District Wharf, including all water side buildings, require CFA review. Note: This is a concept approval only. When ready, submit the permit drawings and a permit application to DCRA for review by the Commission.